Berg Liquor Controls

Your Complete Satisfaction And Success Is Our Priority!

Over 40 years ago, Berg Company introduced the original beverage and liquor control systems technology.
Since then Berg has continued to serve the hospitality industry developing this technology and leading the
industry with the most respected beverage and liquor control systems available today

Berg manufactures a complete range of beverage and liquor control systems for liquorbeerwine and other
 found in all types of venues around the world. From single bars to large multiple bar and multiple 
location operations, owners and managers count on Berg beverage and liquor controls and liquor management
systems for the complete liquor control, monitoring, management and reporting they need to know exactly
what is happening in their operations at all times, make informed decisions, track inventory, control costs and
improve profitability! Typically Berg liquor control systems pay for themselves in six to twelve months!

Berg also offers specialty beverage and liquor controls for Canadian requirements and jurisdictions requiring
the most stringent NSF/ANSI Standard 18 certified installations. Most Berg beverage and liquor controls and
applicable liquor control system components are certified to NSF/ANSI sanitation and CE standards

Worldwide Service & Support
Berg beverage and liquor control systems are sold and serviced through our worldwide network of dealers,
who serve as our local representatives to support all of your beverage and liquor control needs - sales,
installation, training, maintenance, service, upgrades and expansions. Berg dealers are trained to help you
maintain your investment in Berg liquor controls systems.

Berg service technicians stand behind our dealers when additional help is needed diagnosing systems or
controller issues. In most cases, our technicians use remote access for direct trouble shooting and  diagnostics,
so whether your system is in Springfield, Missouri or Moscow Russia, Berg and your Berg dealer are here to
serve and support you!

The Berg Difference!
Every liquor control and liquor management system also includes The Berg Difference  - our commitment to
the highest level of engineering, development and application of technology, quality, service and support.
Simply put, your complete satisfaction and success is our priority!

Learn More
Meet some of our current valued customers  and hear what they have to say about liquor control. Learn more
about Why Liquor Control and Why Berg and use the Liquor Loss Calculator and Beer Loss Calculator to
assess your loss potential.

Contact a Berg representative today and start a conversation about your application and liquor control needs
to start saving! Let The Berg Difference make a difference for you too!

Complete Liquor Control Made Easy!

Secure Liquor + Portion Control + Ring Up To Pour = Complete Liquor Control

For Complete liquor control and to know exactly how much cash to expect in the till, 
you need All 3 - and that is exactly what you get with Berg liquor control systems!

Then connect it all together with Berg Dispenser Network or Berg Infinity Network 
and make system management and maintenance Easy!



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