Berg offers a complete range of beer and liquor controls and bar management systems to help Canadian establishment owners comply with the Canadian government’s rules for accountability of all liquor and beer sales.

Flow Monitor Beer Monitoring Systems

Berg Flow Monitor ™ is a small modular flow monitoring system with the capability of monitoring up to 8 brands of beer, while providing total accountability for every pour. It is also our most affordable beer and liquor monitoring system!

Add the Flow Monitor drink volume selector to output a product code (PLU) each time the selected volume is reached (up to 3 drink volumes, each with their own PLU).

A bar manager can quickly assess the status of the cash drawer by taking a tally of the size and number of drinks poured. Learn more >

Laser Beverage & Liquor Dispensing Systems

Berg Laser™beverage and liquor control systems, especially the Laser 600 (6 brand dispensing system) are the ultimate in dispensing quickly, accurately and consistently, making dispensing fast and easy for your bartenders and giving you total control and accountability for every drink poured – all at a very affordable price!

Gain complete liquor control by securing your liquor inventory in a locked back room and interface the Laser liquor controls with your POS system – so liquor is locked and controlled from back room to till!

Every drink selected for pour on the Laser liquor gun dispenser automatically rings up on the POS system, so nothing is dispensed without a record of the transaction on your POS system.

A simple report is available from the dispensing system if needed, but often the POS system reports provide sufficient detail to validate the cash drawer. Learn more >

All-Bottle Liquor Control Systems

Berg All-Bottle™ liquor control systems use a unique price coded bottle top mounted pourer controlled by a magnetically coupled activator ring to control and record every pour and put your back bar under complete lockdown and control!

Choose from 7 or 15 price level systems with up to 4 portion sizes per price level for enough flexibility to handle all of the price levels needed to manage a well stocked bar. Get up to 28 possible drink prices with a 7 price level system and up to 60 drink prices with a 15 price level system – more than enough to meet every drink situation.

Customers see their brand poured and get a consistent drink each and every time. You get total control and accountability for every drink poured – at a very affordable price! Learn more >

POS System Interface

Berg continues working with POS system manufacturers, such as Maitre’D and Squirrel, to improving the function, speed and reliability of the interface.

If you have an interface challenge with your Berg liquor control system, let us know. We can solve your toughest interface situations! Learn more >

From single bar and mid-size multiple bar station operations to large multiple bar and multiple location operations, owners of bars, pubs and taverns, nightclubs, restaurants, casinos, hotels, stadiums, bowling alleys and sports centers, riverboats, theme parks and festivals, count on Berg liquor dispensing systems and liquor control systems for the complete liquor control, monitoring, management and reporting they need to know what is happening at all times in their operations, make informed decisions, control costs and improve profitability!

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