Why Berg Liquor Controls?

“The national average profit on the dollar for restaurant operations is a meager 4 cents”.
-Pump Up Your Profits – 52 Cost-Saving Ideas To Build Your Bottom Line

…liquor controls are critical, not only for restaurants but for every business in the hospitality industry! Berg’s full line of liquor, beer, wine and beverage dispensing and control systems makes control not only possible, but easy and cost effective!
“It’s controlling your inventory. Without inventory control, you’re not in business.”
-Al Balestrieri, Treadway Inn

“My register rings in the same or more, but my liquor costs have gone down about $1,500 in a month’s time.”
-Marge Hartnett, 16 South

“I thought a liquor control system might slow us down, but it hasn’t slowed us down at all.”
-Pat Hoak, Hoak’s Anchor Inn

“I thought a liquor control systems might slow us down, but it hasn’t slowed us down at all.”
-Pat Hoak, Hoak’s Anchor Inn

Think first “Why Liquor Controls” and how a liquor control system may benefit your operation? Then ask, “Why Berg” liquor controls and bar management systems?

It starts with The Berg Difference!

And here are more reasons why so many bar, club, restaurant, casino, hotel, stadium and venue owners worldwide rely on Berg liquor controls and liquor control systems to help control costs, improve profitability and make informed bar management decisions.

The Industry Leader

  • Berg developed the original liquor control systems and technology over 40 years ago and has continued to advance this technology, supplying the market with the most respected liquor controls and equipment available today
  • Berg offers a complete line of liquor controls for liquor, beer, wine and other beverages, for a widerange of applications
  • Berg has specialty liquor controls that meet Canadian requirements and jurisdictions requiring the most stringent NSF/ANSI Standard 18 certified installations.
  • Most Berg liquor controls are certified to NSF/ANSI sanitation and CE standards


  • Service and support provided by our worldwide network of certified and respected dealers, who serve as our local representatives to support all of your liquor control systems needs
  • Berg service technicians stand behind our dealers when additional help is needed. In many cases, our technicians can be given remote access via the Internet for direct trouble shooting and diagnostics on your system. So whether your system is in Springfield, Missouri or Moscow Russia, Berg and your Berg dealer are here to serve and support you!
  • Supplies and accessories available for online purchase or through your local dealer
  • Replacement parts maintained in inventory and available through your local dealer
  • Initial onsite training provided with every installation and additional training is available whenever needed
  • Easy to use, well organized and complete manuals provided with every liquor control system


  • Berg is committed to producing the highest quality liquor controls and providing the same level of quality service and support
  • Every Berg liquor control system is fully checked in manufacturing
  • Every Berg Laser liquor control system is functionally tested before shipping
  • All Berg products and liquor control systems carry at least a one-year warranty

Access Control

  • All bar side liquor bottles in a Berg liquor control system have a pourer with a tamper-evident seal
  • Unsealed (unauthorized) liquor bottles are easily spotted
  • Liquor dispensed through Berg Laser gun style liquor dispensers is secured in a locked room
  • No bottle counting or lost inventory when beer is dispensed with TAP2, a locked beer dispensing system

Patron Satisfaction

  • Consistent drinks are always dispensed with Berg liquor dispensers, no matter who pours
  • Customers see the bottle from which their drink is poured with Berg All-Bottle and All-Bottle Brand ID liquor control systems
  • Serve more customers, and faster, with the faster pouring provided by Berg beverage and liquor dispensers
  • With Berg Laser liquor controls and Space Saver rack systems, you won’t run out of popular brands


  • Record volume, count and sales values of every drink poured with Berg liquor control systems
  • All liquor controls easily interface with your point of sale (POS) terminal for total cash control
  • Combined with our Infinity and Dispenser Manager bar management software, Berg liquor control systems provide a full range of management reports and controls that account for all sales to discourage and reduce theft


  • Eliminate over pouring and reduce spillage with Berg liquor control systems, effectively controlling pouring costs, which goes directly to your bottom line
  • Easily track your entire operation in real time and control inventory with Berg Infinity Network and Berg Dispenser Network liquor management systems full suite of controls and reporting
  • Enable quick pouring with Berg liquor controls to increases your server’s efficiency, meaning increased profits
  • Maximize your yield per bottle and provide consistent drinks for better tasting cocktails with Berg liquor dispensers that are programmed to accurately control portion sizes, which means improved customer satisfaction, more pours, increased profits and better tips
  • Optimize customer satisfaction and maximize sales with Berg liquor control systems, by monitoring the effects of changes made to prices, portions or drink recipes
  • Dramatically cut liquor purchase costs by controlling inventory and portion sizes with Berg liquor controls and liquor monitoring systems
  • Control complementary drinks with Berg Infinity Network

Quick Pay-Back

  • Increased profit from cost reductions and increased sales quickly pay for a Berg liquor control system investment
  • In most installations, Berg liquor control systems pay for themselves in 6 to12 months

Other Advantages & Features

  • Berg liquor controls easily interface with your point of sales (POS) terminals to automatically ring up and record every drink poured
  • Cocktail Pad mixed drink selector enables fast pouring of pre-programmed mixed drinks from one or more beverage and liquor dispensers, including Berg’s All-Bottle, Laser and TAP2 dispensers and liquor controls
  • All Berg liquor controls easily interface with your computer, enabling complete system management and remote access if connected to your Ethernet LAN
  • Use your Berg liquor control systems to enable or disenable liquor control systems at the beginning and end of the day
  • Berg liquor controls are compact to fit any bar area
  • As many as four bartenders can share liquor dispensers, yet ring up to their own POS terminal, saving steps at the bar and facilitating accountability

What Our Customers Have To Say

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