For over 40 years now, owners and managers of all types hospitality venues worldwide count on The Berg Difference to make a difference in their operation’s success and bottom line.

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  • Berg liquor controls for the hospitality industry
  • All-Bottle 703 ring pouring bottle top liquor control systems
  • All-Bottle 704 ring pouring bottle top liquor control systems
  • All-Bottle 1504 ring pouring bottle top liquor control systems
  • All-Bottle Brand ID ring pouring bottle top liquor control systems
  • Laser gun style beverage and liquor control systems
  • TAP2 dispensers and control systems for draft beer, wine and liquor
  • Merlin wireless dispensers and control systems

These articles, books and websites are helpful resources for learning more about liquor control and increasing your bar’s profitability. Also see Why Liquor Control. Let us know of other resources you find that we should include here to share with our industry.

  • Microchip Technology Finally Eliminates The Scourge Of Shrinkage
    Terry Singer
    How microchip technology can impact your bottom line!
  • Kick Start Your Bar Into Greater Profits
    Robert Plotkin
    Liquor controls systems and beer control systems can increase your bar profitability!
  • Preventing Internal Theft
    Robert Plotkin
    Liquor control systems can stop theft. Losses due to employee theft are staggering. Reduce your vulnerability to theft by knowing exactly how employees steal and how you can stop it! You’ll save thousands of dollars each year as a result.
    Available from Barmedia
  • Pump Up Your Profits – 52 Cost-Saving Ideas To Build Your Bottom Line
    Angela Stewart
    This book begins with the fact that “the national average profit on the dollar for restaurant operations is a meager 4 cents”, which reminds us why liquor controls are so important, not only for restaurants but every business in the hospitality industry!
    Available from Pencom International
  • Pour It On: 52 Ways To Maximize Your Bar Profits
    Angela Stewart
    If you own or manage a full-service restaurant or bar, this book is a must read. With beverage sale margins shrinking, Pour It On gives you 52 ideas to add profit to your bottom line. As you read, keep in mind liquor control systems to help regain control of pouring costs and increase your profit.
    Available from Pencom International
  • Deciphering Data
    Tim Johnson
    POS systems can provide reports on about 50 data categories. Which are most important?
  • North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM)
  • NIghtclub & Bar
    Resource for nightclub and bar owners covering promotion, marketing, beverage and new product news and much more.

What Our Customers Have To Say

My register rings in the same or more but my liquor costs have gone down about $1500 in a month's time.

Marge Hartnett
16 South

The drinks are consistent. No bartender makes a better drink than another.

Pat Hoak
Hoak's Anchor Inn

It's controlling your inventory. Without inventory control, you're not in business.

Al Balestrieri
Treadway Inn

You're crazy to free pour. Your bartender is going to favor some customers.

Bob Schwartz
Southside Bowling a good accountability for what we're doing.

Michael Thompson
Sports Service

With this system, I thought, this might slow us down, but it hasn't slowed us down at all.

Pat Hoak
Hoak's Anchor Inn

We haven't had any breakdown at all. We haven't had any service calls at all.

Virdie Fuller
Cotton Club

The customer reaction is more approval and very little negative reaction.

Pat Hoak
Hoak's Anchor Inn

Nobody even gave it a blink of an eye.

Bob Schwartz
Southside Bowling