Liquor Management Technology by Berg
Integrated Bar Solutions

Berg, founded almost 50 years, is the industry leader in the field of liquor control and bar management, with the most technologically advanced systems on the market.

  • Patented Radio Frequency (RF) microchip technology and wireless liquor dispensers
  • Proprietary Infinity Software
  • All pours controlled and recorded with time and date stamp
  • Consistent drink & cocktail recipes electronically controlled
  • Integrates with all POS/ECR equipment
  • Technology-based management tools for enhanced decision making
  • Experienced installations in a wide range of venues
  • Products certified to NSF/ANSI sanitation and CE standards
  • One year parts & labor warranty subject to Berg Warranty Registration

Profitability Factors

  • Reduces liquor purchases by 25-40%
  • Reduces over-pouring, cash and inventory losses
  • Accountability for all drinks poured – increases gross sales by 10-20%
  • Fast ROI – in as little as 90 days.

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Berg All-Bottle™ 1504 ring pouring bottle top liquor control system provides complete liquor control in a compact affordable unit with 15 price levels and 4 programmable portion sizes (1/8 to 10 ounces)for each price level.

Berg All-Bottle™ 704 ring pouring bottle top liquor control system provides complete liquor control in a compact affordable unit with 7 price levels and 4 programmable portion sizes (1/8 to 10 ounces) for each price level.


Berg All-Bottle Brand ID ring pouring bottle top liquor controls are designed using radio frequency (RF) microchip technology, enabling tracking of the specific brand, portion size and price for every pour.


This highly sought after Cocktail Feature for the Berg DN All Bottle ID™ (ABID) Dispenser and Merlin System. Pours consistent cocktails every time regardless of bartender. This firmware supports up to 200 cocktails recipes.


Berg DN Laser™ gun style beverage and liquor dispensers and control systems are the ultimate in dispensing quickly, accurately and consistently, making dispensing fast and easy for your bartenders and giving you total control and accountability for every drink poured – all at a very affordable price!


Berg Laser gun style beverage and liquor dispensing systems handle up to 16 brands of liquor that can be dispensed individually, or up to 48 cocktail mixes with as many as 5 brands dispensed at the same time with the push of a button – fast and easy!

Merlin Wireless built by Berg.
The Liquor Management System that does it all!

Affordable • Functional • Easy to use • Venue friendly • POS/PC interface compatible

      Cutting edge technology fits all venues seamlessly


    Unique Bartender ID linked via touch screen watch to POS/ECR

Perfect cocktails poured with up to 5 liquors per recipe every time
Single PLU to POS/ECR for multiple-liquor cocktails
Eliminates any brand variations on recipes
Internal G sensor ensures accurate portions
RF communication bandwidths adjustable to harsh electronic environments
Infinity software provides full reporting, price level and portions changes to custom scheduled events

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