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Beverage Dispensing & Control Systems

For over 40 years, Berg has been serving the hospitality industry developing technology and manufacturing a complete range of liquor and beverage controls and dispensing equipment that are found in all types of venues around the world.

With Berg liquor and beverage dispensing system, serving is fast, easy and consistent – for that perfect drink every time- while providing complete accountability and control!

Use Berg liquor and beverage dispensers and controls systems on their own as stand alone beverage dispensing systems, or network them together with Berg Dispenser Network or Berg Infinity Network as complete liquor and beverage management systems, creating a single point of total management control across your entire operation.

Laser Beverage Controls & Dispensing Systems

Berg Laser™ liquor and beverage dispensing and control systems are the ultimate in dispensing quickly, accurately and consistently, making beverage dispensing fast and easy for your bartenders and giving you total control and accountability for every drink poured – all at an affordable price!

The Laser gun style beverage dispenser is ideal for non-alcohol beverages like water, juice and punch. With its four programmable portion sizes, you could program water to be dispensed as a dash (1/8 ounce or 4 ml), splash (1/4 ounce or 8 ml), 1/2 ounce (15 ml) and 1 ounce (30 ml) portions, added manually after the liquor is dispensed, or simultaneously as a specific cocktail.

Dispensing other beverages with the Laser liquor and beverage control system, means a consistently poured cocktail - perfect drink - every time, and makes pouring faster, leaving more time for presentation. 

Bag-in-box products make it easy to pour mixed drinks that become your “secret recipe”. With the Berg Laser liquor and beverage dispensing system, your house specials are poured right every time, at the press of a button, so they always taste the way you intend – meaning more satisfied customers!

Berg Laser gun style liquor and beverage dispensing systems handle up to 16 liquor or beverage brands, or combine two Laser beverage dispensers into one Laser beverage dispensing system and handle 32 brands!  Learn more

Additional Beverage Controls & Dispensing Systems

According to the US Distilled Spirits Council, customers are looking for fancy, customized cocktails and high-end spirit products. The Berg Cocktail Pad™ mixed drink selector, in combination with Berg Laser™ and other Berg liquor and beverage dispensers and controls, makes it easy to deliver!

With the Berg Cocktail Pad mixed drink selector, each mixed drink, specialty drink and cocktail is pre-programmed with its specific combination and volume of liquors and mixers for fast and accurate dispensing through the programmed liquor and beverage dispensers. The result is a consistent mix, volume and flavor every time – served up fast!

The Cocktail Pad enables you to precisely set and dispense your recipes – for example, set your jigger size to 1 ounce, 1 1/4 ounces, 1 1/2 ounces, 7/8 ounce or whatever you choose, and other ingredients to fractions or multiples of your jigger setting – then dispense all ingredients simultaneously with the Laser liquor and beverage dispenser, or one at a time with a combination of liquor and beverage dispensers and controls.

Berg Cocktail Pad is unique in its ability to pour cocktails from any or all of the Berg All-Bottle, All-Bottle Brand ID, Laser and TAP2 liquor and beverage dispensers and controls.  Learn more

Increase Your Profitability With Berg!
Berg liquor and beverage dispensing systems keep both sides of the bar happy and serve as your representative behind the bar. Know that every drink poured is accounted for and your inventory is secure.

As a leader in cost effective, reliable liquor and beverage dispensing, control and bar management systems, you find Berg liquor and beverage controls and dispensing systems in all types of venues around the world.

Consider Berg Infinity Network or Berg Dispenser Network to network all of your liquor and beverage dispensing equipment, POS system and computer system into a powerful bar management system with your computer serving as your single point of system management and control, giving you the compete liquor and beverage control, scheduling, monitoring, system management and reporting you need to make informed decisions, control costs and improve your profitability.

Learn more about Why Liquor Control and Why Berg and use the Liquor Loss Calculator to assess your loss potential.

See some of our current valued customers and hear what they have to say about beverage and liquor controls and Berg.

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